Statement of Purpose
Areas of Representation

Statement of Purpose

The Center for Education Law concentrates its practice in the area of education law in order to maintain expertise in those areas of the law which relate to public school districts and to maintain effective litigation skills to defend all types of claims and actions brought against public school districts. Our firm maintains the highest degree of loyalty and dedication to the interests of school districts by refusing representation of persons seeking to make claims or bring litigation against Oklahoma public school districts and their employees. The firm does represent client school districts in claims against non-client school districts.

The Center prides itself on responding to inquiries from clients without unreasonable delay. Therefore, clients may speak to any attorney who is available regarding legal questions. In an effort to assist school districts to comply with the myriad of laws which are applicable to school district, the Center’s attorneys participate in a wide variety of educational and informational programs including in-services offered by school districts and seminars offered by the Oklahoma State School Boards Association and the Oklahoma State Department of Education.

The Center also strives to provide reasonable and economical legal services to its clients by keeping its rates reasonable given the financial challenges presented to Oklahoma’s public schools.

Areas of Representation

The following are examples of the areas of representation that The Center’s professional staff provide to school districts:

Tort Claims; Contract Actions; Civil Rights Lawsuits; Wrongful Dismissal Actions; Injunctive Relief; Writs of Mandamus and Prohibition; Declaratory Judgment Actions; Real Property Actions; Construction Claims

Special Education:
Representation in Due Process Hearings; Mediation; Policy Development; In-Service Training; Appeals and Litigation

Student Discipline:
Representation in Due Process Hearings; Policy and Student Handbook Development; In-Service Training; Litigation

Employee Dismissals:
Consultation on Procedures; Representation in Due Process Hearings; Litigation

Employee Negotiations:
Negotiations with Employee Organizations; Consultation on Legal Issues; Assistance to Negotiating Team; Training; Assistance with Fact-Finding and Mediation

Drafting; Review; Litigation

Research and Consultation:
Review of Existing Legal Risks and Conditions; Review of Proposed Actions for Legality

Open Meeting and Open Record Laws:
Notice and Agenda Preparation; Analysis of Potential Violations

Policy Reviews; Policy Development

In-Service Training

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