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Front Row (L–R): Laura L. Holmes; F. Andrew Fugitt. Back Row (L–R): Laura L. Holmgren Ganz; Office Manager Diana McMurtry; Justin C. Cliburn; Legal Assistant Sheryl Mercer; Belinda Howard Tricinella

Formed in 1986, the Center for Education Law provides trusted counsel to public school districts, career technology centers, and education organizations. The Center’s attorneys collectively possess over 50 years of experience in the complex field of education law and civil litigation and are committed to serving the unique needs of public education with thoughtful, practical, and proactive counsel on issues that impact Oklahoma’s schools. Although Oklahoma does not recognize education law as a certified specialty, the Center concentrates its practice in this rapidly-evolving and complex field of law.

Focusing on public school districts, technology centers, and education organizations allows our attorneys to concentrate on the legal issues affecting students, teachers, administrators, and board members. The Center prides itself on responding to client’s inquiries without unreasonable delay, and one or more of its attorneys is always available to speak to clients whenever a legal question arises.

Whether as a school board member or a superintendent, running a school district is a challenging and often thankless calling. Understanding complex laws and regulations specific to issues such as special education and Title IX—or keeping abreast of the latest legislation on employee evaluations, FERPA, or the Open Meetings and Open Records Acts—only adds additional burden. Whatever legal issues you face, the Center will help you understand and resolve them so you may redirect your focus on what is most important: providing high quality public education to the children of Oklahoma.

Given the financial challenges perpetually facing public schools across Oklahoma, the Center’s goal is to keep public education dollars in the classroom. It has accomplished this goal for over 35 years by providing sensible and economical legal services at reasonable rates. As Oklahomans themselves, the Center’s attorneys know their communities are at their best when public schools succeed. Its clients’ mission to provide the highest quality public education to each and every student inspires the Center’s attorneys to provide proactive and excellent legal counsel on all issues affecting public schools.

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