National School Boards Association

Excellence and equity in public education through school board leadership.

Oklahoma State Department of Education

The mission of the Oklahoma State Department of Education, is to improve student success through: service to schools, parents and students; leadership for education reform; and regulation/ deregulation of state and federal laws to provide accountability while removing any barriers to student success.

Oklahoma State School Boards Association

The Oklahoma State School Boards Association works to promote quality public education for the children of Oklahoma through training and information services to school board members.

Cooperative Council for Oklahoma School Administration

The Cooperative Council for Oklahoma School Administration is an incorporated, not for profit organization which establishes close and continuous communication and cooperation between educators, taxpayers and legislators to improve the effectiveness of professional school administrators and to communicate the needs of the schools.

United States Department of Education

The website for the United States Department of Education.

Education Week

Education Week and Teacher Magazine.


FedLaw is of particular use when performing federal legal research.

Legal Information Institute, Cornell Law School

The Legal Information Institute collects Supreme Court and Federal Courts of Appeals decisions and includes federal statutes and regulations at no charge to the public.


FindLaw includes a legal subject index, information about law schools, professional development, legal organizations, law firms and lawyers, consultants and experts, various phone directories, law cases and codes, U.S. Federal Government Resources, state law resources, foreign and international resources, news and references, legal practice material and legal minds.

Thomas – Legislative Information on the Internet

Federal legislative information freely available to the public.

United States Office of Civil Rights

The web page for the United States Office of Civil Rights.